Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

I remember when I was little and I used to look forward to school holidays, not because we would travel anywhere exciting as such but because it meant I didn’t have to wake up early! Yes, for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved my sleep!

Summer holidays meant no school, so we would wake up whenever and just play, play and play some more! My mum was a teacher so she was on ‘holiday’ too while she caught up with school work and did the usual running around for the house and other things here and there.

My kids holidays are going to be very different from mine though!


Week 35 – Are we there yet?

Well this is my 36th week of pregnancy and I’m getting closer and closer to full term – 37 weeks!

I know most people would say I shouldn’t hold my breathe about the baby coming then, especially as this is my first – I should be looking more towards 40-42 weeks! WHAT?? Well the good news is I spoke to my mum and she said we all came early! Including the first born! He was almost 2 weeks early if not more! So that’s what I’m talking about. If God did it for my mummy, He will do it for me!