Picnic, CBeebies Prom and Regent Park Weekend

Last weekend was the bank holiday weekend so had a long weekend! I felt like this was the last proper week of the summer so we went all out with it and it was a packed weekend for us. We had loads to do and it was all good fun.

So what did we get up to last weekend?


Class Meetups, Nursery Graduation & Legoland!

Last weekend was a pretty fun time for us, hectic but well spent family time! A number of things were planned so I decided to take the friday off work. As Aj gets ready for big school in September I’m actually starting to question working 5 days a week – this is something I’ll be reviewing over the next few months…

Not to get sidetracked, here’s what we got up to last weekend!


Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

I remember when I was little and I used to look forward to school holidays, not because we would travel anywhere exciting as such but because it meant I didn’t have to wake up early! Yes, for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved my sleep!

Summer holidays meant no school, so we would wake up whenever and just play, play and play some more! My mum was a teacher so she was on ‘holiday’ too while she caught up with school work and did the usual running around for the house and other things here and there.

My kids holidays are going to be very different from mine though!


Getting Aj ready for Reception in September

I remember last year when I was so excited about Aj starting pre-school and wearing a uniform and then getting back into work from maternity and the school runs! All the things that could happen in a year…

Now, we’re doing it all again, getting Aj ready for new school again in a new town and once again there’s a lot to think about, to plan and prepare for…


Hanging out with Cousin JJ

Last bank holiday weekend we went down to MK to visit family as we hadn’t seen them this year! Anjie loves her cousin JJ so thought it’d be fun for them to hang out a bit.

I’m sure I mentioned this a while ago but can’t remember when but anyway Anjie is still very much into her bottle so hubby and I conveniently forgot her bottle at home! We figured it’d be a good time as any to get her off her night-time milk bottle once and for all… Oh the plans of men…


Bye bye Iggle piggle and Hello Peppa Pig

In the Night Garden, Anjie’s one time favourite TV show, until Peppa Pig came along that is! It was honestly long overdue!

Hubby & I have always had our reservations about Iggle piggle and his gang, lets just say we didn’t really think they passed on much knowledge and life experience to their ‘fans’. I mean, Mr & Mrs Pontipine are terrible parents! Eating all kinds of sweets and ice cream while giving their kids runny grobbles (porridge I think? not even sure what that is!) and leaving their kids outside even when its time to go back home, absolutely unbelievable! The the characters don’t really talk! Upsy Daisy is all about me me me and is sooo in love with herself but don’t get me started!

Happy Mother’s day – Mumspiration

Happy Mother’s days!

Honestly, I have a whole lot more respect and admiration for my mum now that I’ve become a mum too! To think she had 5 kids while I’m just getting by with only 1! My mum is amazing! Which is why when Tesco Clothing got in touch to join in the Mumspiration challenge I thought why not!


Making the most of Summer 2013

So Summer 2013 is almost over, we’re in September which is like the last month of Summer (and for some, summer is technically already over as schools are back in this week!). Its been a lovely summer really, thankfully, the weather has been great, most of the time, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first summer in North Wales! Been to lots of lovely places and hopefully, we’ll still do a little more before the end of the year!

So where else have we been?

Lets go to the beach…

So I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like primarily because I’ve been busy with a number of projects here and there plus office work is getting pretty hectic! Most times when I get home I don’t want to see another screen! But anyway, enough with the excuses (as usual!), I’ll just get on with it!

So a couple of weeks ago when we still had the glorious sunshine (as I am writing this, we haven’t had much sunshine for about a week – is summer over?) we thought it would be a great idea to take Anjie to the beach. It turns out we are we have a number of beaches not to far from us, about 30 mins to an hour to get to a couple of them. So off we went to on a nice Saturday afternoon…

It was a disaster!