Kids Extra-Curricular Activities

So it’s been a minute here… Life has been happening, keeping me busy and very occupied! I’ll be honest and say I’ve thought of retiring the blog as well, but I just can’t let go! Just got to keep pushing on…

Anyway, this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now – kids extra-curricular activities! What is all the fuss about? Are they really worth it in proving new life lessons, experiences and skills or just another way to spend money on our kids?


2017 – Changing Nursery & Working life

First of all, happy new year everyone! Only took me about a month to say that 🙂

Towards the end of 2016, we decided to make some changes which I knew was going to make the start of 2017 very interesting, and we haven’t been disappointed at all! It’s been busy busy busy! All in all, I’m super thankful for how everything has turned out and we’re already starting to reap the benefits of some of those changes…


Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful daughter

My baby girl turns 5 years old today! I know I probably say this every year but I’m still amazing at where the time has gone!

We have so much to be thankful for, and this young missy is one of them! She is growing up every day to be strong, beautiful and amazing little lady and we’re so blessed to be her parents! (more…)

Settling into Full-time Reception

I am so thankful to see the end of the half-day sessions in reception! It was one of the busiest period for us and I’ve clocked a lot of mileage to show for it! Aj has generally been a great trooper, especially in the morning, sadly I can’t say the same for when I pick her up in the afternoon…

Aj’s school did 7 days of morning sessions only to help ease the kids into reception and school life in general. They closed at 1.30pm last week after lunch. I wasn’t able to find a local nursery that offers school runs so I had to do pick-ups during my lunchtime! I’d pick her up from school, take her back to her nursery then back to work. It’s a relatively straightforward drive with little traffic thank God – all in all took me just under and hour both ways! And thank God for an awesome boss who is very understanding and supportive too!


Class Meetups, Nursery Graduation & Legoland!

Last weekend was a pretty fun time for us, hectic but well spent family time! A number of things were planned so I decided to take the friday off work. As Aj gets ready for big school in September I’m actually starting to question working 5 days a week – this is something I’ll be reviewing over the next few months…

Not to get sidetracked, here’s what we got up to last weekend!