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My Mummy SOS Kit from Lights by TENA

I was recently contacted by an agency working with Lights by Tena about a mummy SOS kit which I thought was an interesting idea. Who doesn’t need an SOS kit especially for mums, right?

The handy kit has essential items a mummy needs to make her day a bit easier, especially to avoid the little ‘Ooops’ moments.

So what’s in the kit you ask?


Chicco Next to Me Cot, Medela Swing and 4Moms MamaRoo – My Best Baby Buys

When we decided to try for Junior hubby and I promised said we won’t buy much baby items aside from basics like clothing and nappies since this was our second time around, that went out the window fast! Don’t get me wrong, we definitely weren’t going to buy a new travel system or a baby monitor again but let’s just say some other things caught our eyes, so in no particular here are three of my favourite baby best buys…



Catch that Goat! – A counting tale from Nigeria Book review

Growing up my folks surrounded us with books, so it is no surprise that I love books till date. Hubby is pretty much the same as well, although now he spends less time reading novels but news & technology articles instead (boring stuff!). So, it’s only fair that we pass on our love of reading to AJ and so far so good, she loves it!



Presents for Men – Wooden Soldier Skittles Review

I was recently asked to do a review for and I’ve been meaning to publish this so here it is!

Initially when I heard the brand name I was a little skeptical, thinking it would (as the name implies) have gifts for men only but I was nicely surprised to find a collection of gifts for young boys and girls too! So here is what we got…
wooden skittles

Surcare Sensitive laundry & skin care product review

If you’ve had child that had eczema as a baby and sometimes still breaks out you might have heard of this brand, and if not, now is a good time to hear about them!

When AJ was born she had a really bad case of baby rash then eczema which was painful to go through! She was generally oblivious to it but she had all the cases of really rough and dry skin, sometimes she’d have a sore which would heal then come back again! I tried a number of different products and went to the doctors/midwives a number of times and they came up with their own recommendations. Eventually, she sort of outgrew it – Thank God!

Surcare Sensitive


Nakd – Natural Balance Food Review – Sponsored Post

I was recently approached to do a review by the makers of Nakd, Natural Balance Foods. I had seen their product in a few places but never actually tried it – I did think their packaging looked really good though, catchy and colourful. So when asked if I’d like to review them, I figured why not? It’s another healthy snack brand and since I’m always on the look out for a new healthy snack I went for it!

Nakd snacks by Natural Balance Food

Getting ready for Father’s Day with – Sponsored post

Father’s day is something we used to celebrate in church, on a Sunday and that was it! Coming to be the UK, its been quite interesting to see its done a little different here, sort of like Mother’s day which was fun. Anjie made some cards from school, and I got a few lovely gifts from hubby – I felt loved and thankful to be a mother! My First Years (more…)

Happy Mother’s day – Mumspiration

Happy Mother’s days!

Honestly, I have a whole lot more respect and admiration for my mum now that I’ve become a mum too! To think she had 5 kids while I’m just getting by with only 1! My mum is amazing! Which is why when Tesco Clothing got in touch to join in the Mumspiration challenge I thought why not!