Settling into Full-time Reception

I am so thankful to see the end of the half-day sessions in reception! It was one of the busiest period for us and I’ve clocked a lot of mileage to show for it! Aj has generally been a great trooper, especially in the morning, sadly I can’t say the same for when I pick her up in the afternoon…

Aj’s school did 7 days of morning sessions only to help ease the kids into reception and school life in general. They closed at 1.30pm last week after lunch. I wasn’t able to find a local nursery that offers school runs so I had to do pick-ups during my lunchtime! I’d pick her up from school, take her back to her nursery then back to work. It’s a relatively straightforward drive with little traffic thank God – all in all took me just under and hour both ways! And thank God for an awesome boss who is very understanding and supportive too!


First days at Reception with Aj!

I can’t believe I wasn’t one of those parents to post my daughter’s first day at school pictures online! Well technically, I’m still going to do it, but I’m just late to the party! 🙂

Aj started Reception last Thursday! So she’s now officially an junior infant in primary school! My baby girl is truly growing up…


Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

I remember when I was little and I used to look forward to school holidays, not because we would travel anywhere exciting as such but because it meant I didn’t have to wake up early! Yes, for as long as I can remember I’ve always loved my sleep!

Summer holidays meant no school, so we would wake up whenever and just play, play and play some more! My mum was a teacher so she was on ‘holiday’ too while she caught up with school work and did the usual running around for the house and other things here and there.

My kids holidays are going to be very different from mine though!


Standon Calling Festival 2016 Happened!

Last weekend we went for the Standon Calling festival and it was very interesting! Had a shakey start but the finish was great fun all round!

Officially the festival was on from Friday the 29th till Sunday the 31st of July but we could only go on Saturday, what with work and other family comittements.

As I mentioned here, this was my first family festival so I was really curious to attend it and see what it was like and I wasn’t disappointment!


My little man is no longer a baby!

Junior turned 1 over the weekend…

I still can’t believe it if I’m honest! I kept checking to make sure the date was right! I know I say it all the time but this year really is flying by too quick!

It was also my birthday on Sunday so we figured we’d kill two birds with one stone and make life easier for us all. It’s not like Junior is going to remember his first birthday anyway, right?


Aj’s First Birthday Party at 4

First of all, Happy New Year! This post should have come last year but better late than never! 🙂

We finally did a birthday party for Aj the weekend before Christmas and it went better than I expected!

I previously blogged about Nigerian vs British kids parties and I was torn on how to go about the party. I knew I wanted it to be as stress-free as possible (for me!) but for it to be fun for the kids. Hubby and I were pretty much on the same page regarding this AND maintaining a non-expensive budget too!

So what did we do in the end?


8 Months old Check-up & Back to Work!

My little man turned 8 months this week! What an amazing journey it’s been getting to this stage!

I definitely have to say motherhood has been a lot easier better this second time around – breastfeeding for one was smoother, weaning is going better and I guess I’m just more relaxed as a mother. I pray I haven’t jinxed things now!

Junior is still a serious little man, chilled out and not fussed at all, except at night or when he isn’t getting what he wants. We still have to work for the smiles but when they come it melts my heart every time!

So what has 8 months brought about?