Is this what long distance relationships feel like?

So hubby got a new job – Yipppeeeee!

The not so great news is the job is in London. We live in North Wales. That is over 200 miles or 3 hours drive one way. No joke.

I know some might ask why I don’t look for a job down south and move, the idea has crossed my mind but I’m not so sure…


My Mummy SOS Kit from Lights by TENA

I was recently contacted by an agency working with Lights by Tena about a mummy SOS kit which I thought was an interesting idea. Who doesn’t need an SOS kit especially for mums, right?

The handy kit has essential items a mummy needs to make her day a bit easier, especially to avoid the little ‘Ooops’ moments.

So what’s in the kit you ask?


Survey Request for Parents

A master’s student at the University of Warwick reached out to me about a project she is working on and will really appreciate your help in filling out a survey. Here’s what she requests:
I am working on an MSc dissertation project at the University of Warwick, testing parental day-care concerns and extracurricular club enrolment for children ages 0-5 in the UK.


Trying for a Baby Boy – Myth or Fact?

After we had Aj about 10 months after getting married we knew we wanted a break – at least 3-4 years gap before we’d try again. We also both knew we would love a boy, one of each to complete our family but the ‘plan’ was to stop at two either way. In between the 3 year gap I stumbled upon an article on how to have a baby boy… Interesting, I thought!

Let’s just say I read it thoroughly, researched some more then we ‘practised’ it and the rest as they say is history…

I like to think of myself as a nice person (haha) so I thought I’d share what we did! Obviously, I feel I have to put a disclosure here and state I am not a medical practitioner and there are no guarantees on whether it’ll work or not but what have you got to lose, right…? (more…)


Catch that Goat! – A counting tale from Nigeria Book review

Growing up my folks surrounded us with books, so it is no surprise that I love books till date. Hubby is pretty much the same as well, although now he spends less time reading novels but news & technology articles instead (boring stuff!). So, it’s only fair that we pass on our love of reading to AJ and so far so good, she loves it!



Presents for Men – Wooden Soldier Skittles Review

I was recently asked to do a review for PresentsforMen.co.uk and I’ve been meaning to publish this so here it is!

Initially when I heard the brand name I was a little skeptical, thinking it would (as the name implies) have gifts for men only but I was nicely surprised to find a collection of gifts for young boys and girls too! So here is what we got…
wooden skittles

What I did last weekend – Super Working Mum Weekend Retreat!

That’s right! I went to the maiden Super Working Mum Retreat!

Last year, they had a SWM Live 1 day event which I blogged about here, so when Aloted, the lady behind SWM, talked about a small retreat later this year (for 20 ladies max) I was all for it! And it was well worth it!

The retreat was very much needed for me as its been ages since I last had some time away for myself. Hubby was all for it, bless him and AJ, well she had her twin cousins over (story for another post!) with her aunty and grandma so she pretty much didn’t even notice I was gone!



Nakd – Natural Balance Food Review – Sponsored Post

I was recently approached to do a review by the makers of Nakd, Natural Balance Foods. I had seen their product in a few places but never actually tried it – I did think their packaging looked really good though, catchy and colourful. So when asked if I’d like to review them, I figured why not? It’s another healthy snack brand and since I’m always on the look out for a new healthy snack I went for it!

Nakd snacks by Natural Balance Food