Kids Extra-Curricular Activities

So it’s been a minute here… Life has been happening, keeping me busy and very occupied! I’ll be honest and say I’ve thought of retiring the blog as well, but I just can’t let go! Just got to keep pushing on…

Anyway, this is something that’s been on my mind for a while now – kids extra-curricular activities! What is all the fuss about? Are they really worth it in proving new life lessons, experiences and skills or just another way to spend money on our kids?

Growing up in Nigeria, I never had extra-curricular activities, the best I did was after school/holiday lessons and even that was when I was about 8 and older, they weren’t regular and it definitely wasn’t when I was 2 – 3 years old. Fast forward to raising my kids in the U.K. and it’s a whole new ball game. We are absolutely spoilt for choice with this thing called ‘extra-curricular activities’ and it just makes you wonder!

When Aj was just over a year or so I used to take her for swimming lessons – that lasted a term before I gave up! Now me giving up was simply due to the fact that I just couldn’t be asked! I got tired of going every Saturday after a long work week, and also when it would clash with other family plans. It didn’t help you had to pay upfront per term so if you miss a class, it’s your loss! In the end, I just decided to stop throwing my money away and not renew. After swimming, it was ballet classes, that lasted about 4 classes then we gave up moved to another town!

This year, I signed Aj up for trampoline sessions Saturday mornings, and that seemed to be going okay. This time, hubby decided to take her to the classes, so that helped, a little. We once again missed a couple of classes, and towards the end of it, we all got bored and tired of it. We won’t be signing up again next term, instead, we’ll be doing a dance and drama class as she seems to enjoy it in school – her teacher confirmed this too. I feel like I’m missing something here!

Family March 2017

If you’re wondering, about Junior in all of this, I haven’t started with him! Thinking about swimming and football for him, if I ever get around to it….

I guess my question really is, for mums who swear by these extra-curricular activities, why do you do them? How do you do them? And can you honestly say you’ve seen benefits at the pre-school years and above? I suspect the benefits come later in life but hey, I’m just guessing here…

Please, help a sister out!



  1. Hi Tola. I feel you on this. We just signed Nate up for swimming. I used to take him on an ad hoc basis but now his dad has committed us for 12 weeks.

    This post also reminds me of the many classes I took my younger sisters, as I was the eldest. My last sister did everything you tried with AJ, she loved drama the most (she went to Sylvia Young). I’m sure AJ will love it too.

    I guess it’s good to get them used to it now. And like you said, they will hopefully reap the benefits later in life. And with schools these days, it can only help your application. All the best. xXx

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    1. Thanks Mama Nate! Never thought of the school application bit either so that’s good to know! Time will truly tell I guess! I’ve heard of Sylvia Young supposed to be really good isn’t it! Hope you guys enjoy the swimming! X


  2. My sister the trend wants to start here ooo….Timi is 1yr8mnths and iv bin asked to buy swimming trunks for toddlers still using pampers!!!!he jt splashes arnd in d water and seems complete…BT I can achieve d same effect in our bathtub at home jare…
    I’ll wait till he is grown up enough to actually use the skill to save his life before we enroll in that again


  3. Ah I feel your pain on the Saturday morning swimming classes! One of the first things I organised now that I’m on maternity leave, was moving my daughter to a weekday class so weekends are MINE! So annoying having to pay for missed classes when family / blogging / LIFE events stopped us from attending.
    I love extra curricular activities as it’s a chance for kids to explore things outside of academia that they may flourish in. It gives them extra skills / talents. For my daughter, this has really boosted her confidence.

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    1. Haha! I like your style! One day I too will have my Saturdays back… Have to agree with the option to explore things outside of academia and building confidence too! Thanks for dropping by CM x


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